z.TAO Marketplace

z.TAO Marketplace strives to provide excellent services and high-quality product for our customers. As an international market, z.TAO Marketplace has product diversification that makes customers easily to get their desired food and daily necessities in a cozy and pleasant shopping environment.

To make our customers more fulfilling in their daily life, z.TAO Marketplace has the best quality own brand product such as Noodle Land, Ocean Brook, Insta Taste, Sweet Rice and Fresh From Mountain. We also offer the best fresh produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, full-service fish cut & meats cut, and a wide variety of everyday grocery items.

The mission of z.TAO Marketplace is to satisfy our customers with a desirable shopping experience. We provide a wide range of quality daily necessities with reasonable prices, freshness and consumer satisfaction for our customers. These precepts persist the same wherever we are doing business we also endeavor to act as a good corporate citizen of the local community. z.TAO Marketplace implements the sprite of the retail industry, Peace, People, and Community. “Taken from society give back to society.”