z.TAO Marketplace

z.TAO Marketplace focuses on making customers acquiring their favorite food and daily necessities in a comfortable and friendly shopping environment. So we can make people’s daily livings more fulfilling. Also, we hope to introduce our colorful food culture of Asian to all the families in this pluralistic society of the United States. Our Strategy is to provide a wide-range of quality daily necessities at reasonable prices, freshness and consumer satisfaction for our customers.


We also emphasize three key words, which make up the essence and character of the retail industry: “peace”, “people” and “community”. These precepts remain the same wherever we are doing business and we strive to act as a good corporate citizen of the local community.


Its mission is to provide Asian immigrants a modern, comfortable shopping environment for their favorite homeland food. With this new business approach, z.TAO has essentially started a new era in the Asian Supermarket business in United States.

Quality Products

We offering only the best in fresh produce, fully-service fish cut & meats cut, frozen foods, and a wide variety of everyday grocery items combined with friendly and helpful customer service.

Reasonable Price

z.TAO Marketplace proves it is possible to offer reasonable prices and still provide high-quality service. Shop our Every Day Low Pricing now!